For those who are thinking about settling down in New Hampshire, one of the most desirable locations is the greater Lake Winnipesaukee area. If you already live here, chances are you already understand how beautiful and inviting this area of the country is. While the amazing views and natural beauty is often enough to entice many people to put roots down, the little things what make people stay here for a lifetime, including myself.

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and boasts one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the area; As a realtor I fell in love, but within a short time I realized that the lakes region is more than just stunning homes and beautiful lakefront beaches. There are a number of towns, fun attractions and welcoming sites that always keep you discovering new things to do and old things that you just love. After your first visit, the lakes region will make you feel right at home.

Here are some “fun facts” about the Lake Winnipesaukee region that will make you fall in love.

Interesting Island Facts

  • There are 365 islands throughout Lake Winnipesaukee, and 274 of them are habitable. The smallest island is known as Becky’s Island and it is only 10 feet wide.
  • There are three islands in the lake all called Loon Island.
  • Long Island and Bear Island are the two biggest in the lake.
  • The island known as Rattlesnake Island is located near the deepest part of the lake and it also has the highest elevation in the region, reaching 400 feet.
  • Guernesy Island is often also called “Cow Island” as early inhabitants in the area would quarantine cows on the island when they came over on boats from England.
    There are six islands that you can access by bridge: Black Cat Island, Christmas Island, Oak Island, Long Island, Governor’s Island and Worcester Island.

Fun Lakes Region Trivia

  • The popular movie “What About Bob” takes place on Lake Winnipesaukee, but it was actually filmed in Virginia.
  • The New Hampshire official state animal is the White Tailed Deer and they can be found in abundance along the shores and in the mountain regions of Lake Winnipesaukee.
  • The word “Winnipesaukee” has Indian heritage and it means “Smile of the Great Spirit.”
  • When there is an “ice out” in the area, it is when the M/S Mount Washington boat can go to all of its four different ports across the lake without ever touching ice. When an “ice out” happens, the loons typically also return to the region.
  • The town of Wolfeboro, which is famous for its wines, is actually the oldest summer resort town in the United States.
  • The town of Peterborough was home to the first public library in the U.S. It opened in 1933.
  • The first person to drive on the Mount Washington auto road around the lake was Feelan Stanley, the founder of Stanley Steamer. He drove along the path in 1899.

Interesting Lake Facts

  • The entire lake covers a surface area of 72 square miles and is over 28 miles long and 9 1/12 miles wide.
  • The deepest point of the lake is 169 feet.
  • The Lakes Region is actually made up of over 273 lakes and ponds.
  • The shores of the islands in Lake Winnipesaukee make up over 101 miles.
  • It takes around 63 miles to drive around the outside of the lake.
  • Lake Winnipesaukee is the third-largest lake in all of New England.
  • Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake of the 1300 lakes and ponds that can be found in the state. It is estimated that it holds more than 600 billion gallons of water.

Fun facts like this make the Lake Winnipesaukee area one of the most unique lake regions in the United States, and it is no surprise that with with each year, more and more families and retirees are choosing this beautiful area of the country to call home, along with a growing number of people from the surrounding states that are making the lakes region a place for summer getaways and winter hideaways.

Linda Fields is a realtor serving the lakes region of New Hampshire. If you need help finding somewhere to call home or a vacation property in the Winnepesaukee area give Linda a call at 603.253.4345.